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The Art of Amazement (Parts 1-5).
Discover the spirituality that many are looking for but never realized it is at the heart of Judaism…a philosophical and practical seminar based on the book. The series may be presented in 1-5 sessions or extended over a longer course.
Part 1/Living Amazed – 2/Transcendental Love – 3/Goodness
4/Self-Awareness – 5/Holism
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The Art of an Amazing Marriage (1-5 sessions).
How to make a good marriage great, or how to turn around a troubled relationship. 3,000 years of Jewish wisdom about marriage, taught with humor and sensitivity. Guaranteed to improve your relationships: We are so confident in the efficacy of this wisdom that we will refund the tuition of any participant who finds these practices unsuccessful.
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A New Twist on the Old Game of Love
Judaism’s spiritual model offers 2 practical tools on how to elevate any relationship to a higher level.
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Does a Spiritual Person Wear a Watch?
The world and technology are moving at such a frenetic pace. How can one live a spiritual life while simultaneously being technologically connected? Are the two modes compatible?
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What Happens After You Die? The Mysticism and Psychology of Death and Mourning
Many Jews raised in America think: “Whatever non-Jews believe, we believe the opposite”; therefore, Jews do not believe in an Afterlife. However, the concept of a post-death experience has been integral to Judaism from the beginning and has been approached with deep and interesting support in Jewish writings.

Ghosts, Demons & Necromancy
Judaism actually talks about this stuff? And how! A lively discussion of the Jewish approach to these metaphysical concepts based upon Torah, Talmud, Midrash, and Kabbala will expand participant’s appreciation for Jewish spirituality and for life.
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Astrology is all over the Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah, but is it Jewish? We look at original sources to see how these ideas can be relevant to a modern skeptic.

Tastes Like Squirrel Head (If You Ever Had That)
How does a sax player from the Stanford Marching Band wind up as a rabbi? Rabbi Seinfeld’s amusing and inspirational tale of food and philosophy meanders through rural Mississippi, the Amazon, Europe, and Central Africa before arriving in Jerusalem.

The Interpretation of Dreams
Three fascinating pages from the Talmud have much to say about the meaning of dreams, 1,500 years before Freud.

Cracking the Talmud (single or multiple sessions)
What is the Talmud? What does it say? Following a presentation of the history and purpose of the Talmud, participants use compelling Talmudic passages to debate (Talmud-style) modern ethical issues.

Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism: Hidden Connections?
Certain Hindu and Buddhist practices, interestingly, appear particularly congruent with Judaism. There is compelling evidence that ancient Judaism actually influenced the development of these Eastern religions, a story which ultimately deepens our understanding of Jewish belief and history.
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A Jewish View of Hinduism, and Buddhism
Certain Hindu and Buddhist practices appear particularly congruent with Judaism. Moreover, many thousands of young Jews are drawn each year to study Eastern religions, particularly Buddhism. What is their attraction, and is it true that these religions are compatible with Judaism?
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Confronting Missionaries
Most Jews will encounter missionaries sometime in their life. Christianity and Islam offer much more than a mere leap of faith. Understanding their perspectives is vital to keeping the next generation Jewish.

The Depths of Shabbat
What is Shabbat? A day of rest? Think again! Explore the ancient mystical origins and meaning of the seventh day.

Step by Step to an Amazing Shabbat
How to transform an ordinary Saturday into Shabbat, a weekend into a spiritual oasis
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Passover: Out of Time
A spiritual perspective on Passover that will enhance your enjoyment of future Passover celebrations.
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The Cry of the Shofar and the Wail of the Soul
Learn how Rosh Hashana can be more than a repetition of the familiar and instead can give life-changing insights.

“Happy” Yom Kippur ??
The secret to making the big YK one of the happiest days of the year.
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Hanukkah of Presence (or: The Dark Side of Hanukkah)
No matter how you spell it, Hanukkah focuses on candles, dreidles, latkes, gelt, and presents. The “Jewish X-mas” is fun for kids, but what does it offer thinking adults?
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Purim Unmasked
Purim is not only a carnival for kids. For thinking adults, it can be the holiest day of the year….!
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You Be the Judge
What do you do when you see someone doing something wrong? What if their actions were directly insulting or harmful to you? What if the person has a sterling reputation? What if they do not? Judaism asked this question thousands of years ago… Selections from the Torah and other sources are the starting point for a lively and challenging discussion.
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When Is It OK to Lie?
Well, maybe never? Does an ethical person always tell the absolute truth, or would it be more ethical on occasion to “bend” the truth. What about omissions? Jewish tradition has a surprising amount to say on the topic.
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The Meltdown, Madoff, Mumbai and More
A Jewish View of the News.
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