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Here are three recommended ways to use Amazing Nature for Teachers:

1. Integrated into a science, math, English or Social Studies curriculum

Amazing Nature’s rich content fits into Middle School and High School curricula seamlessly. Use it as an engagement tool or a summary tool for the end of the lesson.

To use a random nature photo to engage with a given lesson requires some creativity on the part of the teacher, but isn’t that hard. For example, let’s take the photo of the baby octopus:

  • Cellular biology – Here is an example of a creature whose biology we’re learning about!
  • Chemistry – The chemicals we’re learning are found in every creature, including this one!
  • English – Does anyone know the plural of octopus?
  • Geography – Where in the world can you find an octopus like this?
  • History – Throughout history, including __, people have been fascinated by octopuses.
  • Music – How many instruments could you play if you had eight arms?
  • Physics – How would the physics under water give an advantage to having more legs?

And so on. Teachers who make these amazing photos part of the daily classroom routine increase their students’ enjoyment of learning and commitment to the routine!

2. Bell Work

Students need a structured routine that begins the moment they walk in the door. This daily start to class is known as bell work. Bell work should be something meaningful to keep them on task until the teacher is ready to begin the lesson, usually for 1-2 minutes.

Have the days Amazing Nature photo on display before they enter the room. The routine is to sit down, take out their composition book or a sheet of paper, and write about what they see in the image. This habit will give them much needed practice in observation and self-expression, regardless of the subject.

At the end of the bell-work time, teacher should read the photo’s description.

3. For religious schools, Amazing Nature stimulates awe

At the beginning of a prayer service, or a Torah or Bible study, 1-2 minutes of reflection on the awesomeness of Creation creates the mood we want our students to cultivate.

Have a suggested use for Amazing Nature for Teachers? Please tell us.