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Passover Kit

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2024 edition of the Art of Amazement Passover Kit is now available.

This innovative haggada turns you into a master storyteller. Rather than placing commentary below the text, The Art of Amazement Haggada embeds the midrashic details into the text.

“Haggada” means “telling the story” and this haggada will empower you with the mastery of Midrash to keep your participants glued to their seats.


  • Seder Checklist.pdf
  • The Art of Amazement Haggada: Leader’s Edition.pdf
  • The Art of Amazement Haggada: Freedom Edition.pdf
  • Cast of Characters.doc
  • Bingo Cards.pdf
  • Charades.pdf
  • Question Cards.pdf
  • 40 Seder Questions.pdf
  • New: Passover Trivia.pdf

…and more!

Note that the Leader’s Edition is cross-referenced to be used with the participant “Freedom” edition, but will go well with any other haggados.

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Other options:

  1. Leader’s Edition — Paperback binding (
  2. Leader’s Edition — Spiral binding (longer delivery time)
  3. Leader’s Edition — Download PDF and print yourself
  4. Participant’s Edition — Paperback binding (

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