YOU Can Teach the Talmud

Can you teach Talmud if you’ve never learned Talmud? Yes you can – if you enjoy critical thinking. This session will give you five keys to engaging adults in a lively Talmudic discussion: history, structure, rhythm, language and context. If you are motivated and willing to work hard, you will learn how to create your own Talmud class that you and your students will love. Not interested in teaching Talmud? Learn how to use the Talmud for your own enrichment.

Participants will learn

* a basic historical overview of the Talmud.
* the structure of the Talmud, including the layout of a typical page of Talmud.
* the rhythm of the Talmud through modeling and practice.
* a short-cut for decoding Tamudic Hebrew and Aramaic.
* how to contextualize any page of Talmud in order to present it to students.
* how to create a Talmud class around the concept of “learning together”.

TIME: 90-120 min.

You Can Teach the Talmud Audio

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